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Based in a historic 1901 dynamite factory, originally built by Cecil Rhodes, on an 11 600-ha estate sandwiched between the N2, the R44 and the Indian Ocean, Flagstone wines provides its visitors with a truly unique experience when visiting the Cellar. Better yet, there are plans in the pipeline for the original old Pump House to be transformed into a New Tasting Room.

Every bottle of Flagstone wine is a journey with many twists and turns. It can never be hurried and there are no short cuts. Step by step their fanatical dedication guides to the journey’s end: the rewarding taste of delicious, distinctive wines. It’s a painstaking approach that has won Flagstone more than a few awards. And, more importantly, a legion of wine lovers who savour the unhurried quality of their wines.

Every bottle of Flagstone wine is handcrafted, and so too is the label. Each product has its own unique story, with evocative tales ranging from myths of flying dragons to an allegory of a wild card – the dark horse. Wine is the marriage of nature and human imagination. Mother Nature provides the grapes but it is flashes of inspiration and creativity that transforms them into fabulous, captivating wines.

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