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Case of Meinert Merlot

by Meinert
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Meinert Merlot in its classic, elegant and refined style forms the core of our portfolio and is a wine we are particularly passionate about. Merlot perfectly suited to the unique terroir of our hillside Devon Valley vineyards. Drink from release to 2025.

It is rare for us to bottle a 100% single varietal as it is well known that Bordeaux cultivars typically enhance each other’s flavour nuances; however, the 2016 is a particularly good Merlot vintage, despite the lower rainfall enabling for a richer, textured style that underpins our focus on ‘turbo charged’, vibrant Merlots that bridge the gap between the New and Old Worlds.

Bright acidity ensures vibrant freshness and longevity. Ideal to enjoy with game birds like quail, guinea fowl and duck. Lamb suits the wine’s herbal touches.

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