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Case of Silverthorn River Dragon

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Dragons exist in the realm of magic, but their origins are grounded by our collective fascination and curiosity in nature. Perhaps inspired by dinosaurs, there is a rich and ancient history of dragons throughout the world. Draco Africanus, the majestic African Dragon, is alleged to have spent its time whimsically flying and “skywriting” with smoke. Benevolent, wise and powerful, the ‘River Dragon’ of Silverthorn appears eternally silhouetted against the River Without End Mountains.

Cultivar: Colombar (100%)

Colour/appearance: Vibrant green hue – with a fine twirling bead of bubbles.

Nose: Vibrant aromas of chamomile blossom and thatch complimented by a subtle stone fruit and tropical notes.

Palate: Well balanced with an elegant structure, fine mousse which imparts a gentle explosion of bubbles on the palate and a long finish.

Suggested food pairings: Poached fillet of trout with lemon sauce – Duck pancakes – Black mussel potjie.

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