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Case of Waterford Blanc de Blancs Cap Classique

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Created by utilising Méthode Champenoise - the classic method of making champagne - our vintage Cap Classique is made from Chardonnay planted on the Estate and defined by secondary characteristics from extended ageing on its lees and in the bottle. The wine has a distinctive mineral backbone, classic brioche yeasty notes and fine bubble structure. Regretfully not many bottles make it off the Estate, due to its limited production, combined with significant onsite consumption.

This Cap Classique is made in the old traditional French
Champagne style. A double fermentation is where the
second fermentation occurs inside the bottle. After
fermentation, the bottles are left to age with the lees still
inside for a minimum of 6 years. During ageing, the lees add
depth and richness to the wine creating complex flavours
and a very fine bubble. In September 2022, the wine was
taken from ageing and corked for release.

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