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Case of Paserene Dark Syrah

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Tasting Notes

Dark is medium in structure and shows slightly elevated acidity. The nose is gentle but impressive, with rich Christmas spice coming through and an enticing juicy dried fruit note. Fresh dark fruits provide a deep, sumptuous flavour to the palate.

Food Pairing

A Syrah can always be paired with barbecued meat, especially beef and lamb with plenty of herbs and spices. Slow-cooked stews are a match made in heaven for our Dark, as they bring out the rich, plummy notes of the grape.

Poultry, like roast chicken or pan-roasted duck, are ideal for a meal pairing and grilled vegetables make for a tasty side-dish. Grilled or seared tuna are great choices for fish dishes because the fatty fish can stand up to the richness of the wine.

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