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Thelema Mountain Vineyards

Thelema Mountain Vineyards

Situated on the South Easterly side of the Simonsberg Mountain with elevations 530m above sea level with mainly south-facing slopes, possessing some of the highest elevations in Stellenbosch. The high altitude and the rich red soils are ideal for premium quality wine grape production.

Through the understanding of our optimal climate and soil type, we have firmly entrenched ourselves as one of the leaders in Cabernet Sauvignon, placing Stellenbosch Cabernets firmly on the global wine map.

As we believe grape quality is the single most important factor in serious winemaking, our policy in one of minimum interference, allowing the wines to be a true expression of each vineyard.

"An expression of Stellenbosch through authority and rich tradition."

Browse our cases of Thelema wine available for purchase now.

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