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Springfield Wine Estate

Nestled within the picturesque embrace of the mountain-fringed Robertson Valley in South Africa's Western Cape lies Springfield Estate, a cherished family-run vineyard. Owned by the descendants of French Huguenots who arrived in 1688, their legacy is woven into every vine, rooted in a tradition spanning nine generations.

Since 1898, the estate has remained in the loving care of the Bruwer family. Through a harmonious blend of daring winemaking methods, timeless practices, and modern innovation, intertwined with a resilient spirit forged by generations of farming, the Bruwers honor their heritage by crafting wines of impeccable quality, true to their motto: Made on Honour.

At Springfield, the ethos revolves around nurturing wines in harmony with nature, minimizing intervention to allow the essence of the terroir to shine through. Embracing simplicity, the winemaking process is stripped down, allowing the wine to unfold naturally, echoing centuries-old practices.

With a commitment to tradition, Springfield wines are crafted using ancient techniques, often fermented with wild yeasts naturally present on the grape skins - a daring endeavor that occasionally results in lost vintages. Yet, each decision is guided by a sense of honor, shaping wines that embody the essence of the estate.

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