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Krone Cap Classique

Nestled within the historic Tulbagh wine region lies the illustrious Twee Jonge Gezellen Estate, boasting a rich legacy spanning over three centuries and serving as the cherished birthplace of Krone—a distinguished collection of Vintage-Only, terroir-driven Cap Classiques.

Situated in the northwest corner of Tulbagh, a region steeped in history as the site of South Africa's fourth oldest town dating back to the early 1700s, Twee Jonge Gezellen Estate traces its roots to the ambitious expansion efforts led by Governor Willem van der Stel. Initially one of 14 farms established in the Winterberg, Witzenberg, and Roodezand area, the estate evolved into a wine-producing haven in the 20th century, marked by pioneering innovations such as the invention of cold fermentation in the 1950s amidst a spirit of exploration and discovery.

Despite facing adversity, including a devastating earthquake in 1969 that temporarily halted the introduction of Krone Cap Classique, the estate persevered, ushering in a new era of excellence with the release of the inaugural Krone Borealis vintage in 1987. Rooted in a profound respect for nature, the crafting of vintage-only Krone Cap Classique is a harmonious collaboration between soil, vine, and bottle—a testament to the unique rocky soils of Tulbagh that lend unparalleled character to the wines.

In 2012, the Rands family assumed ownership of Twee Jonge Gezellen Estate, infusing it with renewed energy and dedication. Today, siblings Svend and Abigail Rands play integral roles in shaping the estate's future, overseeing everything from vineyard management to marketing initiatives. Guiding the winemaking endeavors is Cellarmaster Rudiger Gretschel, a distinguished Cape winemaker renowned for his expertise in viticulture and vinification. Collaborating seamlessly with Cap Classique specialist and head winemaker Stephan de Beer, Gretschel and his team continue to uphold the legacy of excellence that defines Twee Jonge Gezellen Estate and its celebrated Krone Cap Classiques.

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