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Kleinood is a small farm with just twelve hectares of arable land. Of these, ten hectares are devoted to vines, with the remaining two under olive trees. The rest of the farm is left wild or planted with fynbos, roses and vegetables.

Everything on and about Kleinood is rooted in the history of their family, as well as in the Cape and the Boland - because the team believes that it is important to belong, to have a heritage and to take care of the things that came before us and that put us here. Naming something is giving it an identity of its own in terms of its origin and the world in which it has to find its way. Thus, they named the farm Kleinood; the Afrikaans word for "something small and precious." 

They chose to call their wines "Tamboerskloof" after the suburb in Cape Town where they lived before moving to Kleinood. It is here, in this suburb, against Signal Hill, where their children were born and grew up and where the dream of Kleinood began.
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