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For three generations, the Sonnenberg family have been creating Diemersfontein moments on this iconic estate in Wellington.

What started as a family retreat, is now the home of the world-class Diemersfontein range of wines, countryside hospitality, and a story of upliftment and empowerment.

The family’s association and passion for the arts started with the delightful strains of opera singing that would drift up from the cottages housing Italian prisoners during the second world war.

The love for music continues today, with numerous projects to support upcoming music talent that expands to a choir consisting of a group of talented Diemersfontein employees.

Stories of an iconic family, unparalleled terroir, the ‘accidental’ birth of an iconic South African wine, a brand bestowed with illustrious accolades and true transformation in the wine industry will be part of your journey in creating your own Diemersfontein moment.

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