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De Toren

De Toren

The quest for perfect fruit is a daily journey at De Toren. The objective is clear: create an environment where vines produce flawless fruit and then guard these grapes as they are gently steered from vineyard, to cellar to bottle. Every sip of De Toren wine is the memory of the fruit’s perfection.

Carefully controlled drip irrigation ensures that each vine is kept in that precarious state of struggle, allowing for concentrated, full-flavoured, small berries to grow. The yields are small here. A De Toren a vine only produces just over a kilogram of grapes. Before harvest even begins up to 40% of the bunches are removed, to ensure all the vine’s energy goes into producing small and concentrated berries.

Using a combination of aerial imaging, detailed chemical analysis, and taste tests, the vineyard is divided up, and harvested bit by bit, making sure only perfectly ripe grapes are picked.

There are no short cuts to perfection. By guarding the integrity of the fruit De Toren produces through meticulous attention to detail, every bottle of De Toren wine is special; and for those who are able to get one, this pursuit is reflected in every sip.

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